Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Encounter with a Lizard

I discoverd it only when i entered my room and found something crawling over my desk, between my books and all the other debris lying around my study table. I thought it must be some coackroach or something. But when I pushed some tings around, I saw a small dark colored lizard merrily moving all over my table. I must admit that I myself did not spend that much time around my study table, which was spent by that innocent little reptile. trust me. ...
Nevertheless, I kept staring the ignorant thing for a long time. Let me admit, I HATE lizards and i can't stand even the sight of them anywhere near me. But, since it was all over my things, i had to stand there and find out some way to hush it away.
I had filled up my bucket of lukewarm water for an early bath, i.e. my early bath takes place around 1 in the afternoon. Anyway, leaving that to cool off while I was hunting for that ignorant which was able to succesfully camouflage itself in the wooden texture of my table, I found a folder stick which was long enough , to tap on the table from a safe distance. But, I had my own fears. It could jump suddenly in any direction it felt like. I had to be careful. But that little lizard was, I think, enjoying this game of hide and seek with me. She dint realize that I hated it like anything. And the best part was... whenever i patted my folder stick on the table to frighten it, I seldom succeeded in doing so. But, on the contrary, it's sudden movements and jumps, scared the hell out of me each minute. I was feeling like a lose in front of it. It never knew what a little piece of thing it was and how much could it frighten humans.
Gradually, I started shifting my books and papers from the table onto my bed; so that I could locate it easily. Let me tell you, this needed a lot lot lot of courage on my part to deal with something that I am madly scared of. Each time I shifted some part of my belongings on my bed, I kept standing motionless, without showing the movement of my breathing to that lizard; as if I felt that it would pounce on me the same second.
But after what felt like an hour or so, I managed to move away everything that my table held. The reptile was joyously playing around the wood. Now that it had enough space to show her jumping skills, it increased my chances of having a breakdown. But somehow God up there, must have had mercy on me after having watched a full hour episode of me and the lizard in constant battle. Both of them seemed to enjoy me being miserable. The lizard suddenly moved to the edge of the table and slipped underneath. For once in that full hour, I felt relaxed. But the next thing I was fearing was its sudden return. Thankfully, both god and the lizard had released me of the torture. It vanished somewhere behind the table. The best thing was that I could not see it.
Finally, I could resume my daily chores. The water had already lost its warmth and I was forced to carry on with the same. I still have to rearrange my stuff back on the table, now that the devil has left its possession. And not that I am lazy or something, but I think after having read the whole tale, you may guess the reason of me not aving returned in my room to rearrange my table.

Aakriti Sharma.....