Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Parents Should Not Be On Facebook

I login to my facebook page one day and receive some fifteen notifications. I click open them and to my surprise, I have a new friend request. Its not just any other request, its a request from my Mom! or atleast the name says so. I immediately open the link to see if there is another woman with coincidently the same name. But alas! it IS her. I ponder for a while whether to accept it or not but within seconds the facebook page says "Aakriti Sharma is now friends with Renu Sharma".

My friends are like, 'Hey, saw you're friends with your mom' (life I was enemies with her earlier!). Some say, 'Hey she's such a cool mom. She's on facebook and all man'. (Now what the hell does "and all man" signify, I fail to understand.)

Its been quite some time that I have been 'friends' with my mom. Didn't know I might need FB for this but nonetheless. I didn't mind that much, me and mom being 'friends' on Fb. She didn't seem to hover over my page. But as a matter of fact, she did when I wasn't online. But then again, she was cool, like my friends said, wasn't she?

A few days later, another notification said that one of my friends had tagged me in her photo. I clicked open the photo to find myself with a few of my school mates in a reunion party. Till there it was nice and sweet and nostalgic. I then realized that we were each holding a mug full of beer. That, my friend is a time when I faced tragedy. I made sure that mom doesn't see that pretty pic of her daughter's. But as luck would have it, she obviously did and strangely for some reason, didn't mention it to me at all. I took that as a blessing and stopped worrying. She was cool maybe.

Later when she saw another pic of my mine tagged with friends, and this time sans the beer, but at some place she didn't know existed, it was then that something motivated her to summon her darling girl for a tete-a-tete.

First of all, I don't understand mothers. Why did she not scold me for the pic with friends? Moreover, mothers tend to bring older topics while scolding us on something done recently. Gadey murdey ukhaadna unki puraani aadat hoti hai :P
As if this was not enough, a few days later, Aakriti Sharma is now friends with Dr.Vimal Sharma.
I'm gone! If anyone comes and tells me "hey, your dad is so cool, he's on Fb man"!, I'm going to kill 'em all. I've already seen how cool my mom is, and I know hoe "cool" can dad be. So, i don't want to take any chances. Even a status update with an unfriendly word can have serious repercussions and cause tremors at home. So, I'm forced to restrain from free speech :P

Not that I can't do without it, but hey you know what I mean. Nobody would be writing Bhagvad Gita verses as their status updates. It's often things that they have been doing, thinking and the like.

Gradually, Aakriti Sharma is now friends with her bua, tauji, chacha and the whole family tree. Where am I supposed to go and hide?

And swoosh! the same facebook comes to my rescue with a "restricted view option". It lets you restrict the viewers who can view your posts, photos,etc. This truly came as a savior.
If and when I post anything that doesn't need special views and comments from the family tree, I make use of this lifeline. And while doing this, I carefully check, double check and then check again if i have included the names of all the tree members. One mistake, one loophole, and I'm finished !