Friday, August 19, 2011

Awakening to Consciousness

Long since I have been granted the most coveted "diksha" from my reverend Guruji, through constant meditation and pranayam, along with regular study of the Bhagvada Gita, I have evolved a sense of the "other" side of the world. A side, that many are afraid of. A side, that the others say, doesn't even exist. A side, that complements our side of life. The other side that I mentioned, is also another side of life. A life, after death. Years of examples and incidences have been reported, explaining and proving the very existence of the spirit world, but some still failed to agree to the same.

Spirit World,as we know it today,does not manifest itself in front of us. Humans constantly live among these spirits day in and day out, as opposed to the notion that one enters the spirit world only after one breathes his last.

We are constantly and regularly living, eating, sleeping, talking in the very presence of these spirits. They are among us throughout our lives.
Only a few of us can actually sense them and can further contact them and even speak to them, provided one has a significant level of awakened consciousness. This can be achieved through hours and hours of sincere meditation. After a certain level, a person gains enough strength (awakened consciousness), to start having a conversation, grasp a thought, catch signs from the spirit world. The spirits too, desire to contact us through automatic writing, dreams, projected thoughts, visions or signs. It can be anything. Those who are capable, catch these ways and hence become a medium with the human and the spirit world. It is through these people that we can efficiently and safely communicate with the other side.

One another way through which we can communicate with the spirits is while we are in a deep sleep. This deep sleep is mandatory because it is then when our mind is absolutely devoid of thoughts and other distractions. The human spirit travels to the spirit world and meets their loved ones, relatives and friends who are already dead and are part of the spirit world. We discuss all our griefs and problems with them, they in turn provide us with relevant solutions. After this transition takes place, the human spirit transcends back to the human world. It is at this time that we suddenly feel a jolt and our consciousness comes back to us. This happens when the human soul enters our body.

After we wake up, we never remember these meetings that we had with other spirits. The saying has a very strong hidden meaning behind it - "Sleep it over". Thats why we feel relaxed and healed after we wake up from a very deep sleep.

The lesser one is attached to the spirit world, the more one is receptive to the frequencies that come from the spirit world. This is an inverse proportion.
Higher attachment to the physical world bars us from intercepting the vibrations that flow from the spirit world for us to catch and comprehend.

More than we are eager to create a contact with the spirit world, the more eager are they to contact us in order to guide us and advice us. It is hence beneficial for us to comprehend and catch these signs and use it for our own good. Moreover, humans must understand the reality behind the other side of the world that we live in. The quicker we understand and adopt this reality, the higher one can move upwards in the spirit world. I, for once, can't wait to get one with the cosmic light and be 'home'...