Thursday, November 25, 2010

To You

To the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore,
To the rays of the morning sun travelling through the skies,
To the chirping of the birds in the cool winter air,
more than anything else,
I want to wake up to the sound of your breathe on my neck,
To the touch of your skin against mine,
To the awareness of your body entwined in mine,
To the memory of what happened last night,
To the grasp of your hair in my fingers,
To the mumbling of us until i'm out of my senses,
more than anything else on this planet,
All i want to do
is wake up to YOU...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Honest Confession (A)

They say that the one whom you fall in love with, or perhaps, may fall in love with at a later stage :P, are the most beautiful ones for you, while to the others, they may be just ordinary looking people. And needless to say, I was also one of the 'shy' victims to this unavoidable judgement. Not that I was on the 'rated' side :P but, right on the other side of it. From his hair to his toe, everything was perfect for me. I could look at him for hours and still not get tired and repeat the same again the next day.
Everytime I look at a guy, I always notice his hair first, and then move on. I mean, not move on, :P but move on to examine his other facial possessions. Now since I was so badly attracted to this guy, I could not help but just glue my eyes on him. Each time our eyes met, I shivered like a leaf. I'd get stuck to where I am and not be able to move one slight bit. His eyes seemed to say so much. But i guess I could not really make out what they meant. To be frank, I never wanted to misinterpret any of his signals.
Ok forget it. The next most important thing I find attractive in men are their stubbles. This is one thing that ties my attention towards them (like hell they care :P)
But for all those who sadly do, I'l be damned :)
Moving on, (I wonder if anyone is even reading this or not), a guy's forearms, gawd how nice they can be. I wonder if there exists such a man who has all these features incorporated.
I'm talking as if I'm one bloody perfect girl, but what the hell, one can always imagine. :)
I often feel that I'm talking crap sometimes ( i mean often), but crap or no crap, I feel I'm entitled to think whatever I want, write whatever I think with no demarcations whatsoever. One cannot always expect me to talk sense after all :P
See I have this weird theory, a man is desirable if he dresses well (preferably in formals), well tailored trousers, folded cuffs (till the elbows) revealing the strong forearms, well chosen shoes, and of course, on top of that, with a clean heart. By clean I mean a heart that holds no feelings of disloyalty and dishonesty. Ok I know I'm being highly unrealistic, and that whatever I mentioned is NOT always the case, but atleast I can make myself happy by merely writing about it.
Oh yes and of course, the 'voice' :P I can possibly not forget this. The heavier the voice is, the weaker a girl becomes :) correction- vulnerable i should say.
(atleast I'm being honest)
But on a very very serious note, I'l finally fall for that guy who dresses well :P, is totally humorous, possesses a gentle heart, and most importantly, knows and understands the beauty and importance of a relationship. And I'm still waiting for that gentleman to show up my doorstep (or whatever step).
I know most of the readers (if there are any) would feel this is a piece of total crap, but all i can say is that there could not have been a more honest confession from me in any form possible.

P.S. I hope all the male fraternity to kindly take this post in a positive manner :)
(I might as well get my 'gentleman' somewhere soon)