Thursday, December 2, 2010


Far away, miles apart,
You sit there with tears in your eyes
I lie here with pain in my heart
We know we cannot meet so soon
Till then I rely on the sky clad moon
I see your eyes, I see your smile
It feels like I might just see you in a while
Its so extremely painful
to stay away from you
and here my life has days so few
How I wish I could fill you in my arms
and smell your hair
and touch your skin
gaze into the depths of your eyes
and look at our pair so new
all i can say is baby
with all my heart
and with all my soul
I Love You !!

Bunch of Roses

Ambiguity is what life is all about
Surprises is what it incorporates
Maddening is what it is
Crazy is what it makes you
Love is what its soul is
and that made me what I am today.
That feeling, is killing
enormous adrenalin
Depth unfathomable
Limitlessly on a high.
Makes sure you never get out of it SANE
One person, one soul, one meeting
and there you part with your sanity.
And join hands with total madness
Irrespective of all the taboos,
Suddenly fearless, provocative
and deeply passionate
Kissing like never before,
Holding like you'll never wanna let go,
and then, longing for more and more,
Probing the curves and hills,
Discovering a new horizon
and sleeping in the arms of the one
who was once
just a Stranger to you !!