Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh so forgetful !

The first day when I was recruited for my project, I gingerly went to my newly assigned desk and sat down staring at my system. The good part was that now I had my own desk, my system, my phone. I also decorated a corner of my desk to escape from the mundane looking office environment. The sad part was that my TL sat right next to me. This was something that I had not wanted ever. But when it comes to me, crap happens faster than anything good !
I was getting acquainted to my new surroundings gradually.Also to the people around me and how they actually acted in different situations. So you can obviously derive that the first person I studied was my TL. Now this guy, I tell you, is one of his kind. I have never seen a guy like him. This was my first encounter with such pieces of nature.
So this man likes to literally 'fly' around the whole row of our team like ten times a day. I understand this action is a part of his position, but for the others, it seems as if he keeps on hovering all over. Anyways, if he is not at his desk, he is definitely sitting in some useless or rather not so happening meetings. And you bet I am sure he relishes them all. So one day I came and sat at my desk, said a nervous 'hi' to him and totally forgot that he is there at all. I was busy checking the innumerable forwards in my inbox when suddenly he got up and went for another of those delightful get togethers in the conference room. I heaved a sigh of relief and continued with my mails. This guy is so short and so fast at work that sometimes its funny to see him in action. He even talks fast, eats fast and walks fast. God only knows what kind of a hurry is he in. Later on, he whooshed out of the conference room and in no time was sitting at his desk. Few minutes later, he got up and started frantically looking here and there. I couldn't help myself laughing seeing his actions. He traversed the whole row of workstations and peeped on every desk, came all the way back and was still unsure of what to do. He then sat on his desk and again got up and repeated his brisk walk. He was on his way back to his desk when all of a sudden he stopped at my colleague's desk and what I saw on his face was an expression of relief. She asked him what was it he was looking for. Both she and the little fellow looked down and saw his shoes lying right there below her desk. He had forgotten to wear them back when he was sitting at her desk explaining her something.So now you reckon he has a habit of taking off his shoes while sitting. And this is not the first time he had to go through this searching spree. This has now become a common aspect of this holy man. I literally had to swipe my card out of the working bay and laugh my head off at this.
Me and my friend came back to our desks only after we felt sober enough to sit and work like the other zombies. The next thing I know is that after we came back from lunch, yours truly was again walking all over the floor with a funny look on his face.This time he was searching his desk furiously. I checked instantly that he was wearing his shoes, so this time it has to be something else :P
I turned and asked him what was the matter. He replied with another funny look on his face- "I seem to have lost my I-card. How am I supposed to go out?" This time I had to forcefully control myself not to burst out in front of the whole team and make a fool of that helpless guy. All I could do to help him was to look around his desk, but I couldn't find anything there. Poor guy must be trying not to burst his bladders off. Then finally something came to his mind, he borrowed a colleague's i-card and attended his nature's call and then came back and again went from desk to desk to search for his card. Some time later, one of his friends came and handed the card over to him. They later explained that he had left the card on their desk while paying a visit to them at their work station. Will it be necessary for me to say that this time again I had to control my laughter like never before. Only after I left me desk could I go out and laugh like hyenas :P

I don't mean to disgrace this man, moreover, I respect him as my leader because he truly is one hell of a leader. This text does refer to him but in a manner only to spread a wave of some funny and true incidences that I was a party to.